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iHerb coupon for 10% off. How to get it?

Shopping at iHerb does not only expose you to more than 35,000 brand names and 1,200 brands of natural products, it also ensures you save with its various discounts. iHerb is a provider of health-related products and supplements. It sells products such as minerals, vitamins, nutritional supplements toothpaste, body wash, and shampoo.

To ensure you spend less and still get the quality products you desire, iHerb uses coupon codes. You can get discounts as high as 20%, whether you are an existing customer or it is your first order. This means you can get quality products at a cheaper price without compromising on quantity.

Apply iHerb coupon code

You can get 10% off your purchase by using an iherb 10 discount coupon. A simple online search can help you to find iherb 10 off promo codes from various websites.

Once you get the coupon code, click on it to activate the discount. You should then place the items you are buying on the shopping cart and the discount will be applied at checkout.

You can also enter the promo code manually. After placing the items you desire in the shopping cart, you should apply the discount code manually at the checkout.

How to get iHerb 10% off first order

You may wonder how you can get iherb $10 off first order. While iHerb offers a $5 discount to first time buyers, you can also get iherb 10 off your first order by using promo codes and discounts.

Some brands and items are sold at a discount on iHerb and you can get them at 10% off the price. If you are placing your first order, you can look for those items that are at a discount. For instance, Johnson & Johnson brand, Serumdipity and selected brands in oral and dental are some of the products attracting a 10% discount.

Alternatively, if the specific item you want is not sold at iherb 10 discount, you can look online for coupon codes giving iherb coupon $10 discount. For instance, you can get the discount by copying this code and pasting at when you checkout.

Since this is your first order, you will get the iherb $10 off first order plus the $5 off.

Special iHerb coupon $5 off

If you are a first time buyer, you can get $5 off your first order using the special iHerb coupon. Just make sure that when you are checking out, you enter the promo code WELCOME5. Alternatively, you can apply the iherb 5 off promo code directly by clicking the button provided on the iHerb website.

The iherb 5 off is only for the first time buyers at iHerb website. The amount is deducted from the total at checkout. If your purchase is less than $5, the remaining is applied to subsequent purchases.

20% off for iHerb brands for new customers

New customers, as well as existing ones, can get 20% off on some of iHerb brands. The offer is available on selected brands of the week under daily and weekly specials on iHerb website. You can also access the links to the iherb 20 off on websites such as

The iherb 20 off is applied directly when you purchase the item and the amount deducted from the total amount. iHerb selects the brands of the week every Wednesday and the offer expires the next Wednesday.

iHerb discounts

iHerb has many discounts, which ensures that buyers pay an affordable price for the products. Getting the discount is also easy using the various coupon codes available on the iHerb website and on promotional websites.

The discounts are available to both new and existing customers. However, the $5 off is only for first-time customers.

The iherb coupon $10 is available via coupon codes, which you can find online, or by buying products that have iherb 10 off discount.

There are also other discounts, promo codes and coupons available for iHerb products. These include:

  • Up to 20% discount offered on specific brands of the week. iHerb selects products to give a discount for each week on Wednesday.
  • Daily deals where the selected product of the day is sold at a reduced price.
  • Clearance discount. Products on clearance can have as high as 60% discount.
  • $5 off the first order for the first time buyers. This is only for first time customers on iHerb. The code is WELCOME5.
  • Promo codes to reduce the total price by $10 for purchases above $40.
  • Promo codes to reduce the price by $5 for purchases under $40.
  • Coupon code of 5% credit back for orders in future including free shipping, for orders above $40.


If you are wondering how to get a 10% iHerb coupon, then it is all clear. Whether you are making your first order or you are an existing customer, iHerb has discounts to meet all their needs.

As a first time buyer, you can get $5 off from the total price on your first order. You can also benefit from other discounts available by using coupon codes or buying products that have discounts such as products from selected brands that attract iherb 10 discount, weekly products with up to 20% discount, daily deals that have selected products selling at reduced prices, and promo codes that reduce a particular amount off the total price.

Other than the iherb 5 off that is an offer for the first order for first time buyers, other discounts can also apply to existing customers. You just need to find products that are being offered at a discount or search online for promo codes.

Apply iHerb coupon code