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Receive up to $5 discount with our promotional code SDK167. You can use this coupon code for buying any nutritional supplements or healthy products on iHerb. Also, you can enjoy worldwide free delivery for any order over $40. iHerb offers different promotions from time to time, you may receive up to 60% discount off your purchase.

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iHerb Products

What is iHerb?

iHerb sells natural products in the U.S. and internationally. Since 1996, iHerb has been expanding constantly, striving hard to achieve sustainable development. iHerb offers one of the world largest selections of health supplements. iHerb is part of the Google’s Trusted Store Program and maintains a 99% customer satisfaction.

iHerb Cares — Go Green.

iHerb is eco-friendly. As part of the community, iHerb works hard to promote the concept of living green, to advocate for recycling and reduce waste. All packaging materials from manufacturers, paper and cans at iHerb’s offices and distribution centers are being recycled. iHerb uses electronic invoices and receipts to confirm order, and has gone paperless for the majority of their orders. All UPS shipments of iHerb are carbon neutral, what does this mean? It means that iHerb purchases certified carbon offset for your shipments, by supporting reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment and methane destruction projects. Moreover, iHerb provides healthy and environmentally-friendly tips for the public with articles on blogs and social media, in six languages.

iHerb Cares — Provide Education.

iHerb is actively involved in providing education to impoverished children worldwide. $5 will be donated for every new customers’ referral every month for the first 10,000, and $1 each after that. In 2015, iHerb donated $971,772 to help make the world a better place. Your referrals will be transferred into donations, which will be used to build new schools in Cambodia and to promote children’s education via Cambodian Children’s Fund and New Hope Cambodia. iHerb has also donated to provide support for natural disasters, such as Earthquake relief in Haiti and famine relief in Somalia.


Shop smartly with iHerb

Despite the fact that iHerb offers nutritional supplements and healthy products at a low price, it is still important that you do not miss the chance to use our promotional code SDK167 to save another $5 off your order.How to save $5 with iHerb? Using the coupon code is as simple as this:

  1. Shop for natural products on iHerb.com.
  2. Browse through the range of nutritional supplements and health products
  3. Click on the orange “Add to Cart” button for products which are in stock
  4. Add all your selections into the shopping cart.
  5. Click on the cart symbol to view your selections when you finished shopping
  6. Input SDK167 into the box"Savings"and then click "Apply"to use the coupon code for a $5 discount on your order.
  7. Select you preferred shipping method and check the estimated delivery cost.
  8. You can enjoy free delivery for any order that is placed over $40.
  9. Click "Proceed to Checkout"to provide payment information and finalize the order.
  10. Sit at home and wait for your purchase!
  11. The good thing is that this code SDK167 is valid for new customers at any time.

Why iHerb?

A vast selection of products at great prices

It’s cheaper

A large proportion of the prices offered offline are charged by health outlets. Very Simple. With “e-simplicity”, iHerb sells products 30-40% cheaper than most retailers. Besides discounts on best-selling products, customers can now enjoy an extra 10% discount with our Loyalty Credit Program. Along with other promotions and discounts which are available to customers all over the world, you can now purchase natural supplements at a much lower price.

Every product has honest reviews

It’s trustworthy

Unlike some retailers who display third-party review. iHerb shows reviews written by customers. Nobody makes up anything at iHerb, everything is transparent with high credibility.

iHerb maintains a 99% satisfaction rate under the Google’s Trusted Store Program.

Also, iHerb offers health products from reputable brands, including California Gold Nutrition, Now Foods, Nordic Naturals, Doctor’s Best and Solgar. These are brands that are being approved and you can rely on their quality. The variety of products range from Omega-3 and vitamins supplements to coconut oil and fish oil.

Make great choices with iHerb’s library of information

It’s safe

Shop without worries with iHerb. 100% confidentiality is ensured at iHerb. iHerb will never sold, leased or shared any customer information with third parties as personal privacy is one of the major concern of iHerb. In addition, with our enhanced 256-bit encryption process for transaction and tokenization implemented by Apple Pay. No one will be able to stole your card number from iHerb’s system. It is ensured that your personal and credit card information is very secure.

iHerb offers fantastic product freshness

It’s eco-friendly

iHerb loves this planet as much as you do. iHerb recycled all boxes, plastic bags, bubble wrap and Styrofoam from manufacturers. Paper, cardboard, cans and more are being recycled at all iHerb’s offices and distribution centers, not to mention that all iHerb UPS shipments are carbon neutral, which means your orders are not creating extra pressure or waste on this planet, iHerb buys carbon offsets for you. And by “e-simplicity”, we are actually saving customers order slips by using email receipts. We are all part of this planet, why not help protecting the Earth while buying health products for yourself?

Shop safely with world-class privacy

It’s fresh

iHerb has one of the highest turnover rates in the industry. With an average inventory turnover rate of 8.1 times per year, products sold by iHerb are only stayed on the shelf for 45 days. In other words, iHerb can offer you the freshest products possible.

Plus, most of the products sold by iHerb have an expiratory or a best-before date, which is available on the product page on iHerb.com. So you would know the expiratory or best-by dates of the products iHerb sold, just as you are in a real offline store.

iHerb’s distribution centers are under entire climate control, products iHerb sold are protected from humidity, heat or cold. iHerb employs one of the highest quality control in the field to ensure product effectiveness. Not to mention that, all iHerb’s distribution centers are certified by NSF international, with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification.

Help at any hour with 24/7 customer service

It’s approachable

iHerb provides 24/7 customer service for customers. You can reach us at any time, any places by chat or email. Live customer support is also available from our California facility from 8 am to 5 pm (Pacific Time).

International customers are also being catered at iHerb. The customer service team is dedicated to provide all-rounded support for customers all over the world. iHerb’s International Customer Team offers services in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

iHerb offers fantastic product freshness

It’s charitable

We believe that every child in the world deserves to receive education and iHerb is working hard to achieve this. iHerb donates $5 for each of the first 10,000 new customer referrals every month and $1 each after that. A total amount of $971,772 has been donated to provide education for needy children all over the world and to provide support for needy people suffering from natural disasters, such as Earthquake relief in Haiti and famine relief in Somalia. Money will be donated to Cambodian Children’s Fund and New Hope Cambodia, or to charity organizations for natural disaster rescue and support.

Shop with iHerb and boost up the donation amount to help more children! Let’s work together to make the world a better place.

Free Shipping for Orders over $40

If you live in the U.S., you can enjoy free delivery for purchases as low as $20 USD. If you live outside the U.S., you still can shop with iHerb with no worries. Why? Because iHerb provides free worldwide delivery for any orders that are more than $40 USD, even if your order is less than $40 USD you can still get up to 70% discount on delivery cost with promotional code. Available shipping methods and costs for different countries can be seen by adding products to the shopping cart and choose your country. You can also pay with your own currency to save on exchange rates. 45 currencies are now available at iHerb. No doubt, there will be a delivery method that can suit your needs with appropriate or even no cost.

Iherb free shipping program

Shop with iHerb Hong Kong Special Deals

iHerb Specials

Enjoy our daily, weekend or weekly deals! Daily deals begin at 10am Pacific Time every weekdays and lasts for 24 hours. Weekend deals are from Friday to Monday. While weekly deals offer an extra 20% discount off the Brands of the week. Shop with iHerb deals and start saving money right away.


Shop clearance and save up to 60%. iHerb sells all the discontinued items by vendors at a exceptionally low price, until the supplies run out. The products could be a great seasonal deal or an old favorite. The clearance page is updated regularly, so remember to visit the page from time to time so you do not miss any special deals.


Do you want to try some new products? Maybe you found a product that sparked your interest and you want to see if it will work for you or someone in your family? Visit the trial page. You will find promotional items that offer you a smaller size or a promo code Iherb so that you can get the product in hand and see if you like it. This is a very popular section as you can get trial sizes that not only fit in the budget but also offer many great products in smaller size. This is the perfect section for putting together a gift basket for someone special. You can try up to two products or samples at below the regular low price. Regular low price will be offered for the third piece of products or when you reorder.

Short-dated Products

iHerb renews the stock 8.1 times a year, which is much shorted than most retailers. Most of our natural products only stay in our warehouses for less than 45 days. We try to provide fresh products to our customers. Therefore, we usually sell products with short expiratory date at unbelievable cheap prices. Visit the “short-dated products” page and discover items at really low costs. But bear in mind, these products are nonrefundable.

iHerb Reward Program

Join iHerb Reward Program to enjoy an extraordinary deal. How can you benefit from the Reward Program? You can refer new customers to iHerb and get a $5 discount on your own purchase and 5% of their purchase, in return, the referred new customers can also get $5 off their first purchase. You may also introduce new products to a current customer. Get a special link for the products an share with anyone that may be interested. You can receive 5% from every purchase through your link or promo code. Share links on your social media profile or with your family and friends to earn a reward from iHerb.

iHerb Loyalty Credit Program

The iHerb Loyalty Credit Program allows you to enjoy a 10% discount for every purchase. 10% of your current order will be count as loyalty credits and be used in your future purchase, which means 10% of your current purchase value will be cut off from your next order. Loyalty credits can last for 60 days. Continue to shop with iHerb and save more!

iHerb Coupon Code 2016

  • Shop with iHerb and enjoy a 10% discount off your purchase with code SDK167
  • Save up to 10% of your order as loyalty credits
  • Earn $5 for every new customers referral and 5% of their future purchase
  • Choose between free shipping or no VAT
  • Free international delivery for purchase over $40
iHerb Promo Code
iHerb Coupon Code SDK167