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What is iHerb Loyalty Credit? is known as a trusted distributor of natural products since 1996, and wants to reward its Loyal Customers. The Loyalty Credit program allows you to earn 5% credit toward your next purchase on every i Herb order you place, no matter how small. Each month, over 50,000 iHerb customer will receive credit on their orders. Here’s how to use iHerb loyalty credit.

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How do I use iHerb loyalty credit?

The i Herb loyalty credit is easy to use and is applied automatically.

  • Sign into your account. Input your email and password. Your dashboard will appear. You will be able to see the amount of loyalty credit available to you.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the rewards program.
  • Create shopping cart. You can do this by entering the product code of the items you wish to purchase using the Quickshop feature, or you can shop by brands or categories.
  • The iHerb loyalty credit is equal to 5% of your current order, excluding shipping charges. You will be able to see how much loyalty credit you have earned from your order when you checkout.
  • The 5 % credit will be automatically applied to your following order.
  • The following order must be placed within 60 days of the first.
  • There is no minimum purchase per order to qualify for iHerb loyalty credit.

Why Didn’t I Receive My Loyalty Credit?

  1. If you did not receive a loyalty credit on all your orders it may be because the order was not placed within sixty days of the proceeding order. Please remember that the offer does expire within sixty days and that all purchases made after that period will not be eligible for the discount.
  2. If you did not agree to the terms and conditions of the rewards program, you may not receive your loyalty credit. Please make sure to do so every time you sign into your account.

Examples of

  • Sign into account, dashboard will appear telling you the amount of loyalty credit available to you.
  • Agree to terms and conditions of rewards credit.
  • Place order for $100 before shipping and handling. If you know the product codes, you can add them to your shopping list using the Quickshop feature, or by viewing and clicking on items.
  • Receive credit of $5 (five percent of $100) You should see this when you go to check out.
  • Place order for $ 40 within 60 days
  • iHerb will automatically deduct $5 from purchase. You will automatically be charged $35.
  • Your new loyalty credit (5% of 35) will be automatically applied to your next purchase which must be placed within 60 days

Where can I find the amount of my iHerb loyalty credit?

You can view details about your iHerb loyalty credit by going to the “my accounts” page. Your dashboard will come up. The amount of credit will be visible in the left corner with the expiration date below it. i Herb appreciates your business and wants to give back to our customers. We hope you will take advantage of our offer and continue to shop with iHerb for all your natural products. If you have any questions concerning how to use iHerb Loyalty credit, please feel free to contact us.

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