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iHerb free shipping: how to get it? being one of the world’s largest natural products online stores focuses on selling their products integrated with great rewards to first time and loyal customers.

The company’s most popular reward mostly hunted by old and prospective customers is the iherb free shipping to the customer’s country of location, which can be availed by buying directly from iHerb website using iherb coupon.

Apply iHerb coupon code

About iHerb

Started business in 1996 and currently owning two distribution centers, based in California and Kentucky. iHerb encourage customers to browse and directly purchase products at their online store because great efforts were prepared by iHerb to enhance every client’s online shopping experience. How? By carrying one of the largest selections of high-quality and best value natural products. And they will be able to avail of rewards like price discounts and discounted or iherb free international shipping that always ensure clients experience great online shopping.

Some benefits of shopping from iHerb

Price discounts, promotions, rewards and loyalty program

iHerb encourages customers and clients to browse their online store with its offering of over 35,000 brand name products and 1,200 brands. Products that can also be found at natural pharmacies and health food stores but buying directly from the iHerb site you’ll benefit from a single significant modification by iHerb. Prices there are usually 30 — 40% less and the website has a Specials Page offering additional discounts on some best-selling products.

If you are one of those who like to earn credit towards every purchase you make, join the company’s rewards program. As a customer you can share your 6 digit code with friends, relatives and family to earn extra rewards immediately after becoming an iHerb customer.

Upon placing an order from the iHerb online store, a loyalty credit will be instantly earned by you for every order shipped, equal to 5% of your total order price (exclusive of shipping fee) towards your next purchase. Loyalty credit remains active for up to 60 days. Good for all products in stock.

About the 95% discount or free international shipping

Also on offer to customers who shop directly from iHerb online store is discounted or free iherb shipping. Every order you make on the online store is eligible to a discounted or free iherb com shipping offer. The more products added to your cart, the greater are the chances that your orders will be shipped to you without you paying shipping fee. Some products even when bought alone may result in free shipping. Experimenting with different product combinations to find best value, and sharing your cart with others are definitely encouraged to give others the chance to avail of discounts and promos from your iherb free shipping coupon.

How to avail of the iherb free delivery to your country of location

Shipping to United States

All orders over $20.00 to United States there is a free iherb shipping, which is fast, prompt and reliable anywhere in the country even its for free.

This free shipping iherb option is available for orders over US$20 via Expedited and PO BOX or APO Address and up to 95% discounts on standard international shipping rates. Also on offer are discounted and speed shipping options via DHL and UPS to other countries all over the world. Direct shipping their warehouses in the U.S. direct to US customers is made available and also to other countries all over the world.

Shipping to New Zealand

iHerbs offers free shipping in New Zealand, and even though it is free still it is fast, prompt and reliable anywhere in the country. ​​This option is available for over US$40 (NZ$55.45) orders via New Zealand Global Mail Post, with discounts amounting up to 95% on standard international shipping rates.

The iHerbs New Zealand also offers discounted and speed shipping options via DHL and UPS to countries all over the world. Direct shipping to shoppers in New Zealand and over 150 countries from iHerb’s warehouses in the U.S. is also available.

Shipping to Australia

iHerb free shipping to Australia is also available, same as shipping to other countries iHerb Australia shipping is fast, reliable and prompt anywhere in the country, whether your order is to be shipped to Sydney, Perth, or anywhere else in Australia.

Consistent with iHerbs offers free shipping is often available for large orders that are over US$40 (~A$52.13) via Australian Post and up to 95% discounts on standard international shipping rates. Be sure to select iHerb products marked with the iherb promo code free shipping

“Shipping Saver” when you order also for products with iherb coupon

“Shipping Saver” tag. These products help reduce the cost of shipping your order when added to your cart.

Shipping to Singapore

Whether you’re shipping to Little India in Singapore shipping is still fast, reliable and speedy, also to the Civic District, or anywhere else. For large orders over $57 SGD (US$40) free shipping are often available via SingPost and DHL Express and up to 95% discount on standard international shipping rates to Singapore. Just be sure you use the iherb code free shipping.

Shipping to Spain

On offer are discounted shipping for all orders over $40.00 to Spain, the same fast, prompt and reliable free iHerb shipping to anywhere in the country. For orders over US$40 (€37.55) discounted shipping options are on offer via Spain Global Mail and same 95% discount on standard international shipping rates apply.

Shipping to KSA

Discounted shipping to Saudi Arabia for all orders over $40.00 is available with the same fast, prompt and reliable shipping that iHerb offers to other countries whether your order is to be shipped to Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, or anywhere else in the country. ​​For orders over US$40 (151.53SAR) discounted shipping options are also on offer via Saudi Arabia Global Mail and up to 95% discount on standard international shipping rates. Extra discounts are offered for large orders over US$40 (150.02SR) via DHL. ​

You can also get iherb promo code free shipping by browsing sites that offer coupon codes. You can easily find them online and aside from carrying the iherb coupon free shipping codes, instructions on how to use the iherb free shipping code and avail of the discount are posted.

Apply iHerb coupon code