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Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamins are of different classes. Their functions in the body also differ and have significant implication in the performance of normal body functions. One of the most crucial class of vitamins is vitamin c. the source of it comes mostly from fruits. Adherence to the guidelines given by nutritionist assist in adopting the right health lifestyle. Conjointly, it reduces chances of contracting diseases which come along with high cholesterol diets. Withal, this element is available in different forms. It can be provided in terms of tablets, serum, and cream or naturally provided from the nature. Purchasing of this topical applications are available from the websites such as iHerb at discounted price.

Vitamin C benefits for skin, face and Health

Benefits on skin

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Taking care of the organ is the best health regimen that should be adopted. However, Vitamin C can greatly improve the skin by eliminating the dark spots and redness. It is found in the outer layer of the skin referred to as epidermis. Consequently, it has high concentration in the dermis layer. It act as antioxidant improving the health of the skin. The major role of this vitamin is to enable production of collagen that makes the skin remain supple and appealing.

Benefits on the face

Everyone admires to improve physical appearance. Enhancing facial look is done by removing the dead skins. A body which is well fed with vitamin C is able to shed off these cells and create new ones. Adequate uptake could continually improve collagen synthesis. This is the secret which is employed by care products manufacturers. They incorporate vitamin c in their products. Another point to note is that this vitamin has a general impact of improving digestion system. This prevents cases of constipation and other complications that come along with indigestion.

Benefits on general body health

Vitamin C is greatly linked to the general performance of various body functions. Irrespective of the external implications, it has the capability to improve immunity. Immunity is the ability of the body to defend itself against infections without chemical boost. Natural immunity is destroyed by what we consume on daily basis. One of the most intensely studied area by researchers is ascorbic acid in reduction of cardiovascular diseases. For example, cardiac attacks are caused by buildup of plaques. Scientist have extended research and found out that this vitamin can significantly reduce formation of the plaques. It act as an antioxidant mitigating the chances of contracting this killer diseases. Besides, high blood pressure is also reduced when the right quantities of fruits and vegetables are consumed by the victim. Small dose of vitamin c is able to normalize complications brought about by clogging of arteries.

Best Form of Vitamin C

This component is available in different forms. The choice is dependent on the liking of the user. However, determining what to choose is guided by the ability of the individual to purchase this vitamin. There exist various ways in which it is administered. These are tablets, capsule, cream, oil or even lotion.

Vitamin C Tablets

This is one of the form in which the vitamin is made available. In most instances, supplements fall under this classification. It is the oral form of vitamin C that is administered to boost the levels of diminishing content in the body. Logically, when a nutritionist identifies deficiencies in the patient, he or she orders for supplements. Notably, the tablets are not affected by external anomalies such as changes in environment. The tablets are readily water soluble and hence act very fast. They help in reconstruction of ligaments and teeth. They can be chewed together with food.

Vitamin C capsules

Another form which can be embraced for therapy. Capsules are also used for reconstruction of healthy skin. Its composition consist of powdered ascorbic acid. It has been attributed to increased radiance when one completely finishes the dose. Capsules have a repercussion of Ph. sensitivity. Instability of the component make its efficiency difficult. They are also expensive to acquire. Moreover, their fragrance are not appealing.

Vitamin C Cream

The question which stands out is whether the cream stands out in its effect? For many years, the scientific community has been questioning the effectiveness of the cream in reduction of wrinkles. It is clear that formulation helps in neutralizing free radicals. These are molecules which lack one electron. The role of vitamin C cream is to provide one extra electron to stabilize the radical hence saving the skin from the damage. Consequently, it serves another crucial function of encouraging exfoliation. This is defined as shedding off old skin and allowing reconstruction of healthy cells. Since vitamin c cream is acidic, it encourages clearance of the outer layer, revealing the underneath skin which is more fresh and smooth.

Vitamin C Lotion

If you want to retain the youthful look, then keeping your skin moisturized is mandatory. Vitamin C lotions comes in different form. It is designed to contain anti-aging ingredients that greatly help in maintaining the skin. Routine usage of the lotion predominantly saturate the skin with the right nutrients. It does not contain parabens which are harmful to the skin. Besides, the lotion is highly absorbed hence reducing the chances of inflammation. Additionally, high moisture retention is enacted when using this lotion. An example is Amara Organics.

Vitamin C oil

The formula of this oil is boosted with super c vitamin that supplement the Vitamin C found on the skin. This property improves potent brightness and also shield the skin from oxidants. Withal, it contains nine time of vitamin C found in the oranges. Suitability of this oil is applicable to all types of skins since it is dermatologically tested.

Best Vitamin C Brands and Products

There exist various brands of vitamin C in market. With increased demand for the products, fake and low quality ones have found their way into the market. Ability to establish the quality one is dependent on the knowledge of various offers. Going to the market blindly exposes an individual to the hands of looters who have little care of the customer. Before buying any product, it is essential to conduct a background research to determine the efficacy. The table below elaborates some of the best brands available in the market and their differences. Close study of the comparison could act as a lead in purchasing the right Vitamin C brand.

Infinite Labs Vitamin C

Betancourt Vitamin C

Twinlab Gentle-C 1000

  • Contains antioxidants that helps in clearing old skin
  • Free of fillers and not flavored
  • Dissolves Rapidly in water
  • Contains the antioxidant compressed together in form of tablet
  • Contains fillers since it is in form of tablets
  • Dissolves slightly lower in water
  • Antioxidant constitute the larger portion of the powder
  • Free of fillers but flavored
  • Dissolve slowly in water

Benefits of Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C serum has enumerable benefits to the skin. One, it increases collagen production. This is an important component that helps in clearing wrinkles. High concentration of collagen is depicted by the good look of your skin. Furthermore, it speed up healing. Additionally, skin discoloration is a nuisance to some people. Acne and skin redness destroys the complexion. Continued use of vitamin C serum has shown good results in achieving uniform skin tone. Anyone suffering from dry and flaky skin is recommended to Vitamin C serum. It has an effect of improving the moisture content of the skin hence preventing dehydration. Dry skin can cause severe infections but addressing the condition early mitigate the chances of further complexities. Anyone tired of chemical cosmetics should truly embrace this

Sources of Vitamin C

When vitamin C is mentioned one inevitably thinks about oranges. Well, this is right although there are other foods which have high content of this vitamin. For example, ripe mango contains 122mg of vitamin C. it has been known to contain Zeaxanthan, which is an antioxidant. Others are like strawberries, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, kiwi, green pepper, guava, red pepper and kale. They all contain antioxidants which act as pathway for radical deactivation.

Vitamin C is such as essential element in the body since it can be used as a natural medication. Incorporating the diet in our food could save us more money that could have been used purchasing for artificial medicine. Understanding the benefits that comes along with it would definitely raise awareness to local people. Let’s embrace the diverse healing properties of vitamin C.